Beach, Shopping And Storage Baskets

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Unique Fair Trade Beach, Shopping And Storage Baskets designed in the Heart of the Cotswolds and beautifully handmade in Kenya!

Sold By: Hector and Queen

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Delivered exclusively to the Cirencester area.


Our fabulous range of Beach, Shopping and Storage Baskets are a sophisticated and fun blend of traditional Kenyan craftsmanship and contemporary British design.

Working closely with a wonderful women’s co-operative in Kenya, we put the designs together whilst Josephine and her team hand make each basket. Skilfully hand-woven using local sisal grass and natural dyes, each basket can take over seven weeks to make! Completed with soft leather trim and matching long handles, make them easy to wear on the shoulder or on the arm.

These woven treasures bring a splash of Kenyan spirit into your home as great storage solutions, great for toys, linen, loo rolls, shoes, arts and crafts, logs or any other paraphernalia you may have!

The Beach, Shopping And Storage Baskets are now available in seven vibrant designs – one for each day of the week – depicting bright stripes and earthy hues.

Unique gifts for you or them!

Dimensions: H40cm x D40cm                Materials: Sisal & Leather

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Hector & Queen design and create a range of unique award winning products for little ones and those not so little at affordable prices!

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