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Handmade 50 caliber bullet bottle opener made with real 50 cal bullet cases.

These are really heavy and solid and make an ideal gift for anyone!

Note: As per the pictures, these are not stamped 50 cal on the head of the bullet as these are the identical metric equivalent.

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Welcome to Cartridge Creations! Thank you for looking at the unique gifts that I have made myself from spent bullet cases and shotgun cartridges. These are great gifts for anyone that loves country pursuits or just appreciates something unusual!  You may also find the perfect gift for anyone with a military background or an interest in military history as some of the bullet cases are used by our armed forces now but also as far back as the 1800's!

Based in Kemble just outside Cirencester I make lots of different items such as Cufflinks, Key rings, Bottle Openers, Wine Bottle Stoppers, Wreaths and Fairy Lights.  My goods are also stocked in the Good Ideas shop in Cirencester. Thank you for looking at my goods. Please feel free to contact me with any queries.


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