Delivery will vary depending on the seller. Delivery will also be arranged by the seller, please refer to their individual delivery terms on their product pages for more information. Sellers are able to setup the following types of delivery.

Cirencester Area Only

Some sellers may opt to only sell to Cirencester and the surrounding areas. If this is the case you will see a notice on their product pages that says ‘Delivered exclusively to the Cirencester area’. Delivery to these areas is free of charge. You can see a full list of eligible postcodes below:

  • Any starting with GL7
    • GL7 …
  • Ashton Keynes:
    • SN6 6NR
    • SN6 6NW
    • SN6 6PD
    • SN6 6PH
    • SN6 6PP
    • SN6 6PT
    • SN6 6QE
    • SN6 6FB
    • SN6 6NS
    • SN6 6NX
    • SN6 6PE
    • SN6 6PJ
    • SN6 6PQ
    • SN6 6PU
    • SN6 6QW
    • SN6 6NL
    • SN6 6NT
    • SN6 6NY
    • SN6 6PF
    • SN6 6PL
    • SN6 6PR
    • SN6 6PW
    • SN6 6SD
    • SN6 6NP
    • SN6 6NU
    • SN6 6PB
    • SN6 6PG
    • SN6 6PN
    • SN6 6PS
    • SN6 6PX

Nationally (Mainland UK)

This applies to areas outside of the postcodes listed above but within Mainland UK. Sellers that choose to ship Nationally (Mainland UK) can opt to charge for shipping per product or per order. It may sometimes be the case that only specific products add an additional charge to the total. The cost will be decided by the seller, please refer to the delivery tab on their individual product pages for more information.