COVID-19 is a new virus that has already had a huge impact on many people’s lives. Although the virus has been relatively harmless to many it has also caused a growing number of fatalities to those who are classed as vulnerable. To slow the spread of the virus the government announced that a number of businesses such as pubs and restaurants were to temporarily close. Following this on the 23rd March they introduced a stricter set of rules to encourage people to stay at home unless absolutely necessary. With this shops selling non-essential goods were also forced to close.

This has resulted in many businesses coming to a compete standstill, leaving business owners and employees anxious about their financial security.

Athena Web Designs have made this website to offer a helping hand to some of the businesses that have been affected by COVID-19, in particular retailers. By buying products and services from this website you are helping those businesses to continue to trade. We do not take any commission or other form of payment from the sellers, the only cost to them is PayPal fees which are unavoidable.

Cirencester Parish Church
Special thanks to Kay Ransom Photography